Why Choose
Risk Assessment Profiler?

Insightful portfolio risk management dashboards that include the Spyder, Wheel, and Scatter Plot widgets.
Determine and analyze portfolio and risk entity exposures.
View the top risk ranked entities in each of your portfolios and their locations.
Create and modify risk templates with the RAP wizard.
Manage risk templates for each risk entity.
Generate risk assessments for all entities driven by analytical scoring.
Automatically create and update your risk registers.

Insightful portfolio risk management dashboards.

RAP the Risk Assessment Profiler, is a tool that portfolio project managers use to better understand and manage the risks they may encounter throughout a project. RAP provides key decision makers an in-depth look at potential schedule and cost overruns.


Perform risk assessments using the innovative RAP assessment tools. RAP initiates assessments with pre-define templates that are based on company or industry standard controls.


Identify the risks throughout the life of the risk entity. RAP performs in-depth analysis to easily identify risk categories and elements that have potential impacts.


Analyze the impacts by incorporating external data and perform simulations to determine impacts that are most likely to exceed baselines and effect the maturity levels.


Mitigate potential risks before they impact your operations. Staying ahead of risks and responding accordingly is a key foundation to successful risk management.

RAP Applications

RAP, the Risk Assessment Profiler, is a platform that portfolio managers use to better understand and manage the risks they may encounter within their specific business objectives. RAP provides specific applications for the type of risk entities being observed.
RAP Enterprise supports the organization to look across the enterprise and identify risks summarized from multiple risk entities from the various RAP applications and overall business operational risks.
RAP Projects administers risk-based portfolio project management by monitoring your budget, schedule and the potential risk impacts based on assessments and schedule simulations.
RAP Cyber is designed to identify the risk gaps of your cybersecurity programs compared to industry and compliance controls and maturity modeling analytics.
RAP Vendors provides a view to third party vendors by providing assessments that can identify your vendors’ vulnerabilities with their systems effecting their service agreements.
RAP Asset is to determine which assets supporting your operations are most at-risk by analyzing their value of service, vintage, maintenance record, failure rate and other data to determine their risk impacts on your operations.

We Empower Portfolio Managers By Providing An Integrated Risk Management Platform to Accomplish Your Portfolio Objectives.

RAP Overview

RAP is a tool that an organization uses to better understand and manage risks they may encounter. It provides a collaborative platform providing key decision makers an in-depth look at risks and events that impact security, time, money, and safety. Although various factors and practices can negatively impact the performance of an operation, insufficient risk management often results in unforeseen challenges that impact success.

Experience the Risk Assessment Profiler (RAP)

RAP (Risk Assessment Profiler) is a platform tool for conducting risk-based
portfolio and project management.