Risk Approach

Integrating risk management into an organization is a proactive and iterative process to meet the organizations operational needs and risk culture.

Frame The Risk Program

Develop the risk platform framework. Configure the organization, it's locations, resource responsibilities, and risk entity collections.
Configure enterprise standard risk templates to perform risk assessments.
Implement value-based risk element modeling for qualitative risk analysis.

Assess The Risk Entities

Perform risk assessments throughout the life of the entities such as a project or an asset.
Leverage smart templates to perform bulk assessments on hundreds of assets.
Simulate risk elements and schedule data using optimistic, most likely and pessimistic values to determine probabilistic outcomes.
Store results and leverage historical risk data for analytics.

Respond to Risk Events

Automatically create a Risk Register from identified Risk Categories, Risk Elements, and pre-configured mitigation considerations.
Identify Risk Events and take action by administering mitigation actions.
Assign and collaborate on risk events with team participants.
Synchronize Risk Events with new risk assessments performed throughout the life of the risk entity.

Monitor the Portfolio

Review the portfolio dashboard and assess the risk behavior throughout the life of the risk entity.
Make better informed decisions by leveraging the widgets that provide insightful information and flags top risks.
Generate risk reports and export risk entity data.