Risk Registers

RAP provides a workflow based risk register tools to process the element controls within assessments and progressing the team through the mitigation process.

Create the Register

RAP automates the creation of a risk register for an entitiy by leveraging the element controls in the recent assessments.
Understand the at most risks element controls and select the ones needing mitigations.
Create risk events with specific information sucha sas drivers, conseque=nces, costs, probability, etc.

Mitigate Risk

Identify risk entities and develop a mitigation plan to minimize the risk impact on the organization.
Define the risk events with information as to the impact and consequences of the event and identify the mitigation actions required.
Collaborate with team members for performing the necessary mitigation actions and document progress.

Update the Register

Synchronize the register as new assessments are performed.
Make updates to mitigation actions, assignments and results.
Reassess the risk entity as key mitigation actions are completed.