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Many organizations manage a portfolio of projects, assets, operational functions that are critical for the operation of infrastructure. These risk entities have inherent risks that can cause schedule delays and cost overruns. ARETE professionals can assist you in defining and implementing your risk program supported with tools that leverage industry statistical data for comprehensive risk analysis with the Risk Assessment Profiler platform.

Project control can only be achieved when cost, schedule, and technical objectives are clearly documented, realistically derived, and deliberately managed. ARETE is able to assist you at any stage of a project, as we have the ability to measure current performance status and also forecast potential problems. Regulating variances can mean the difference between the success and failure of your project.

ARETE provides asset management services to address every stage in your asset content lifecycle to help you manage your information from design, construction and operations. Our professionals assist organizations in managing engineering related content including computer-aided design drawings, specifications, geographical spatial information, and asset management systems.

Cyber security today is a global industry business priority. ARETE can provide a wide range of cyber security services to critical cyber assets. Services may include identification of assets, defining electronic security perimeters, implementing electronic access control and event-monitoring tools, conducting vulnerability assessments, and developing cyber security policies.

ARETE provides a wide range of power systems engineering in support of generation, transmission, and distribution. Our experience includes advanced understanding in the utilization of electric power and the electrical devices including transformers, circuit breakers, generators, control systems, etc. Our professionals have expertise in engineering, commissioning, testing, diagnostics, maintenance, and studies.

ARETE provides design and development services for customizing dashboards, reports, data integration and more. This service is for clients who want to expand the functionality and would prefer to have ARETE professionals develop these custom tools.



This class is a one-hour session in which the participants will learn the RAP interface, how to view projects, risk assessments, and schedule risk analysis.  The RAP Executive class is available onsite or online.


This class is a half-day session in which the participants will learn the RAP interface, how to create and manage projects, perform risk assessments on projects, conduct a schedule risk analysis and generate reports.  The RAP Manager class is available onsite or online.


This class is a two-day session in which the participants will learn the RAP template concepts, the components of a risk template, risk elements and options, assigning element weights, risk category weighting, project phase set creation and weighting, schedule perturbation chart administration, and template testing.  The RAP Administrator class is available onsite or online.  However, onsite is the recommended training approach due to the complexity of this session.

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