Risk Templates

Risk templates are designed and configured by your organization to address the approach to perform risk assessments on risk entities such as cyber programs, vendors, projects, assets, and the enterprise.

Template Library

RAP’s Global Template library provides risk templates that can be used as-is or copied and modified to meet requirements.
Existing templates are based on industry standard controls such as NIST, PMI, CMMC, SOC2, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
RAP has three template types; Standard, Smart, and Mature that perform specific functions.
Standard templates provides the most flexibility with control element method of answers.
Smart templates automates the performance of assessments on hundreds or thousands of entities.
Mature templates provides the ability to assign target and maturity level goals.

Risk Element Controls

RAP element controls can be based on industry or custom configured controls.
Controls are configured with information; description, element options, values, and mitigation considerations.
The element controls are also used when creating the risk register and risk mitigation activities

Qualitative Values

Risk scores are calculated by pre-determined risk element values at the option selection.
The assigned values are used for determining an impact score that influences the RAP score.
Configure stage gates to weigh in on control element distribution.
The risk scoring analytics is configurable.