RAP Cyber

Cyber Security Risk Posture

RAP Cyber is designed to identify the risk posture of your cyber programs as compared to industry and compliance adherance.

Identify predetermined risk appetite for low, medium, and high impact cyber programs.
Leverage element controls based from industry standards such as NIST, DOE, DOD, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, SOCS, NERC and more.
Use domain maturity modeling that provides a path forward for each program and periodically assess where the program is along that path.
Load cyber asset vulnerability data such as SCAP, and simulate vulnerabilities for assets within a cyber program.
Assess your cyber program resource roles to determine their availability, experience, and proficiency level to identify your most at risk resources.
Automatically develop the risk register to manage the risk events and mitigate cybersecurity gaps.
Collaborate with team members on performing assessments and assigning risk event mitigation actions.