Inpixon and ARETE Sign Partner Agreement

Inpixon and ARETE Sign Partner Agreement

ARETE is excited to announce that Inpixon (INPX NASDAQ) has become a partner and will be reselling Risk Assessment Profiler (RAP). This collaboration will focus on expanding the adoption of RAP in the market, as well as leveraging synergies to promote the adoption of risk location analytics. This partnership is expected to bring added value to both companies and contribute to the growth of RAP in the market.

RAP is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) Integrated Risk Management platform that offers a wide range of functional tools for applying risk analytics and risk management to various organizational needs. RAP assists organizations in identifying, understanding, managing, and mitigating risk factors for different portfolios such as projects, vendors, cyber programs, assets, and operational functions

One of the key features of RAP is its cohesive workflow-oriented approach to risk management, by leveraging artificial intelligence it accelerates a knowledge powered process for managing risks. RAP offers a comprehensive set of risk analytical tools with AI, as well as automation tools for complete risk identification, remediation, and administration to help organizations efficiently manage their portfolios.

Inpixon is a leading company in providing actionable insights for people, places, and things through the combination of mapping, positioning, and analytics. Inpixon’s solutions are aimed at creating smarter, safer, and more secure environments by leveraging indoor intelligence and real-time location systems (RTLS).

Inpixon’s solutions are being utilized across a multitude of industries to optimize operations, increase productivity, and enhance safety. The integration of location awareness, analytics, sensor fusion, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) can provide organizations with valuable data and insights to create exceptional experiences and make positive impacts.

With Inpixon as a partner, ARETE’s Risk Assessment Profiler can potentially benefit from Inpixon’s expertise in Indoor Intelligence, further enhancing RAP’s capabilities in risk management and analytics. This collaboration will open new possibilities for organizations to leverage indoor data and optimize risk management in various industries.

Inpixon’s Chief Operating Officer Soumya Das stated “We are proud to partner with ARETE and leverage our expertise in Indoor Intelligence to optimize risk assessment and management with RAP.”  Carlos Mendizabal, President of Arete stated “At ARETE, we are thrilled to collaborate with Inpixon and integrate their cutting-edge solutions into RAP, empowering organizations with actionable insights for smarter risk management.”

With this collaborative effort, organizations may benefit from the combination of RAP’s comprehensive Integrated Risk Management platform and Inpixon’s solutions for Indoor Intelligence, mapping, positioning, and analytics. This partnership could potentially offer new opportunities for leveraging indoor data to optimize risk analytics and management in various industries.

If you’re interested in learning more about ARETE’s Risk Assessment Profiler and its Integrated Risk Management platform, you can contact the ARETE team at (888) 99-ARETE or to request more information and see RAP in action. They would be able to provide you with detailed information about RAP’s capabilities and how it can potentially benefit your organization in optimizing risk assessment and management.