RAP Tools

It all Starts with the Risk Template

The risk template is designed and configured by your organization to address the approach to perform risk assessments on risk entities such as projects, assets, cybersecurity, and the enterprise.

Manage risk templates for each risk entity type. Leverage existing RAP templates when appropriate.
Generate quick risk assessments consistently for all entity types.
Risk scores are calculated by pre-determined risk element values.
Identify standard descriptions and mitigation considerations for each risk element.
Configure stage gates to weigh in on risk scoring and simulation distribution charts.
Leverage the Risk Element Mind Map to view linked risk elements.
Smart Templates automate the performance of risk assessments on hundreds of entities.

RAP provides multiple templates in a library to be able to select from and modify.

RAP provides operational functions with the use of Skins.  Skins behave specifically to a portfolio of risk entities. The following skins are currently available:

Future Skins are being developed such as Supplier and Insurance.  Have a suggestion and a need, let’s talk.

RAP Spyder For Projects

RAP Spyder For Cyber

RAP Spyder For Assets