Control Project Risks

RAP’s Project Skin is designed for administering risk-based portfolio project management by monitoring your budget, schedule and the potential risk impacts based on the project's risk assessments.

View your portfolio of projects in a dashboard that summarize project types, locations, project phases/stage gates, resources, and more.
Risk templates are available, which are developed from industry standards and surveys such as PMI's Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI).
Load project schedules from Primavera or Project to perform Monte Carlo simulations, which determines probabilistic outcomes of the schedule, costs and helps managers make better informed decisions using the sensitivity and criticality analysis reports.
Assess your project resource roles to determine their availability, experience, and proficiency level to identify your most at risk resources.
Automatically develop the risk register to manage risk events and mitigation activities.
Collaborate with team members on performing assessments and assigning risk events.